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Dental Sealants Safety

A recent media blitz has been released concerning the safety of dental material- especially those that may contain BPA as a by-product. The American Dental Association has replied with a statement which clarifies the risk/benefit ratio of these materials and stresses their safety. Follow the link to read ADA’s article.

Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Your Heart

One issue that seems to arise almost daily in our office pertains to the question, “Do I need to take my antibiotics before this appointment?”.  Ideas and protocols change so often that confusion is to be expected!  The American Heart Association has recently changed their recommendations again.  They have actually reduced the  instances that require antibiotic coverage prior to a dental procedure.  The following is a link to the AHA’s recommendations: As always, if you have any questions please consult with your cardiologist.  This new protocol should make the question, “to premedicate or not to premedicate” a little simplier.

Congratulations Heather!!!

Heather (left) and Lezle pose for a picture in celebration of Heather’s one year anniversary! Heather has been a huge a asset to our practice. We are looking forward to many more years of her smiles!

Fluoridex- A Prescription for Healther Teeth

When I see a new member of my Patient Family, I spend a lot of time talking about not only my findings, but also the CAUSE of the problem.  I’m often asked, “What can I do to keep this from happening again?”  The story is longer than what I would put on a simple blog, but one tool that I use to give my patients a leg up is Fluoridex prescription tooth paste.  I use this product in many situations ranging from rampant decay with dietary counseling to treating temperature sensitive teeth.  Here is a link to the product website:

As a servcie to our patients, we offer this product for nearly cost!  Just ask me or one of our staff members to see if this would be a benefit for you.

Welcome to our Blog

We hope to keep you updated about our office and provide useful information about dental care and provide great articles. We will update our new website regularly.  For example, we will add answers to questions that our patients ask frequently as well as provide information about new technology or products that we are implimenting.  We will also include office news.  Also look for our automated health history form to be included on the site by the second week in Feburary.